Cookie is Cookie

This is Cookie Monster out for a night walk... This is the toy I got her in hopes that she would stop chewing on my hands and feet... didn't work for long... she's back to gnawing on me again...
Cookie is still a hyper dog... she's crazy.. Cookie is indeed cookie. But I love her!

I'm going to take her to the Vet to get spayed(neutered?) in a couple of weeks... but my friend Joanne's dog just had puppies and they're so bloody adorable. And I feel like getting a male pug to mate with Cookie.... (anyone with a pedigree male pug out there?) But then again.. pugs have to go through caesarian sections and cannot do normal births, so I really don't want her to go through that.

Speaking of caesarian sections... when I was dating Tim late last year, one of the things that came up in conversation was the popularity of caesarian sections back in the UK, and that women opt for it even though they're capable of normal childbirth. Apparently, after you push a child through, you never return to the same tightness again. EVER. That got me thinking... and I started working on a post about Caesarian sections.... but then, having the attention span of a 5 year old, I kinda dropped the subject.

Now, I've decided to work on it again. Stay tuned for - "5 Inch Scar Vs 5 inch C*nt : The Caesarian Debate " Sorry my title's so crude sounding... but it's exactly what my post will be about!


  1. Anonymous1:14 am

    omg! that was the same thought i had after i found out tt angie jolie went for c-section both times (shiloh and knox+vivienne). i wondered, why wouldn't mother earth want to experience childbirth?? and then i realised my god, she's really keeping it tight!! now i'm wondering if i should keep my thing unstretched and stay with the c-sect (at most, 2 kids)... waiting for your 5-inch post!! :) --nn

  2. Anonymous10:35 am

    Im excited just thinking about it....

  3. i nvr thought that a pug cannot undergo a normal birth..
    your post made me to wiki about pug..
    i may have learned a thing or two today.. ;p


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