Random Update

I'm working on a blog post on Serial Dating and how dating has been going so far for me... But it's still a work in progress. I can't sit down and do the whole post in one shot as it gets quite depressing.

So, to break the stuck-in-a-rut feeling I have... I will post on random happy stuff in my life at the moment.
Update 1: About 2 weeks ago, my brother and I brought my parents out for a nice Father's Day dinner. East Coast for seafood. Food there was yummy as usual.
Update 2: Last week, filming for my brother's new short film Hard Boiled Eggs wrapped up. It was a tiring and testing week filled with bad weather during the outdoor shoot and the challenges of working with a very young child actress. It was a great learning experience, financially very costly too... but I'm just glad it's over. Phew!

Update 3: My best friend Farizan came back to Singapore for a week. She's been working in Jakarta for about 2 years now. And she was actually due to be back here for good in June this year... BUT she went on to accept another contract in Bandung, Indonesia. She is also in love and quite happy there, so it doesn't look as if my best friend will be coming back to Singapore for good. Ever. I know that may sound like a sad thing, but I'm very happy for her. It's what she wants to do, and she's found someone to love and be loved by.

By the way, When Farizan and I were using our eyedrops, I realised Indonesia has some dodgy copy of EyeMo. It's called Insto Moist! And it looks exactly the same as my Eyemo! The Crooks.

Update 4: Cookie Monster is 1 year old now! Look how big she is now. Hey Skye, remember how we used to be able to carry her with just one hand? Now it takes two arms!


  1. It's only when you walked out from the lane of darkness, then you will finds the sunshine in the path in front. So, let go of the past from your hand, and walk down the future with a smile ok?

    Without the sadness of departure, how will you feels the joys of reunion? It's always nice to look forward and see your best friend back to Singapore every time right?

    Looking forward to the your brother's film with you casting in it. All the best to both of you :)

    Lastly, I can't explain why, but looking at your doggy's pic, I felt the name "Cookie Monster" fits superbly.


  2. Hi SK,

    yeah cookie monster fits her perfectly as she looks a bit crazy and is so hyper she like cannot control her mouth and eyeballs, just like cookie monster from sesame street. haha

    My bro's new film, i'm not acting in it, i was helping with production. did the make up and hair.

  3. hey! your cookie monster is really cute! I have a 2 yr old AMC! it's somewhere in my posts. Wonder what a designer cocker+pug would look like? enjoyed reading your blog tremendously! thanks.

  4. Hard Boiled Eggs? Hmmm. what is it with short film makers and food. We got a Malaysian short film that won some awards from BMW Short Films call Chicken Rice Mystery.


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