God's Great Banana Skin

Happiness for me has always been fleeting.

Just when I finally thought that everything was going great, things had to fall apart again.

The loss of trust is relationship death.

I've spoken to Erik and I believe him regarding the Thailand issue. And believe me... I'm a hard one to sway...

But because of the lies previous to that.. my heart projects such a bleak and scary future.

Lesson I've learnt from all of this is to really appreciate what you have, and never to be so happy with how your life is that you stop being thankful for the great things in it.

God's a funny one... he always throws down that banana skin just when I start thinking the world is perfect for me.


  1. The most important thing is you must stand up from where you fell... It's a silly little way to make us learn that in life, the path is never smooth...
    Don't be sad... "When you see the dark grey sky ahead of you, look beyond it, you will find the rainbow" ....
    smile always :)

  2. well.. sometimes i also feel the same way; afraid to lose myself in happiness and thk tt everything is going perfectly for me. cos seriously when i start to think tt.. something bad will surely happen to sadden me. as if trying to remind me "hey, dun be too happy just yet." so now i tread life always being prepared for the bad stuff to happen. pessimist but at least i wont fall from too high a cloud. will be easier to pick myself up after tt.. and when ppl say they thk im so lucky and envy me tt im in so much happiness.. i just go choy choy choy! dun jinx it!

  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    light shines brightest when its dark.

    dont stop believing. :)


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