Good Families Don't Just Happen

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. ~Jane Howard

One thing I've learnt over the years is that good families don't just happen. It takes nurturing, sincere effort and heart.

The benefits of having a good family in life cannot be replaced by money or success. One of the bests feelings in the world for me, is coming home to my family.

At IKEA: Buying more clutter

We're no longer children, families grow and people change over time, so it’s important that we make time to do things together. Just today we made a short trip to IKEA Tampines and GIANT supermarket. This is my favourite weekly family routine.

Doing our weekly Supermarket Stock Up

Apart from little holidays (which we find hard to schedule now that my brother is at university and I'm working) and occassional trips to the Zoo(click for post on ZOO) or Bird Park(click for post on Bird Park) or other recreational places, we try to have as many family meals together as possible. Everyone's gotta eat. So you might as well make it a habit to eat together.The National Family Council is launching Singapore's first Family Day Out on the 24th of May 2008. But don't just wait for this ONE DAY. Make it a point to bond with your family... starting today! :)



  1. Don't be afraid to BREAK THE JINX!
    Hope you have finally found your real guardian angel.
    All the best to you :)
    Stays happy always

  2. Hey.. you might be right about breaking the jinx ;)


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