The Hottie and the Nottie

The Hottie
Pug update
Cookie is 10 months old already. And a couple of weeks ago she went on HEAT for the first time! Ack! I didn't realise it would be so soon, so I didn't neuter her yet. Will have to do it in a few weeks.
She knows how to sit on command, but when she's excited ( when there are guests) she will not listen to any commands and will not even respond to her own name!!!
The piglet no longer fits into her harness and most of her puppy clothes.

I was thinking of buying shoes for her... but I will have to put her paw down on paper and trace the outline of her foot... now... anyone who has met Cookie Monster will know that this is impossible.

But she is calming down a bit more as she gets older.

This is her in her new plaid pinnafore dress.
The Nottie
To my horror and absolute disgust, while doing Cookie's mini photoshoot, I spotted a blackish tiny squirmy ugly disgusting lizard on MY BED!!!!! Cookie isn't the least bit interested in insects and worms and stuff like that. I guess if she can't eat it or can't give her treats to eat, then it's of no interest to her.
My dad was having a nap and wasn't interested in helping me. My brother doesn' t like icky stuff. So I had no choice but to swiftly (I impress myself) slap my moisturiser bottle cap on and trapped the offensive thing.
The I realised that it had no tail (WASN'T ME! and wasn't Cookie) poor lizard.
When dad finally woke up hours later, he threw it out for me. Yuck... imagine sharing a bed with it unknowingly...


  1. Anonymous1:53 pm

    How come you are able to shoot the lizard down? You are a not a man, you a female.

  2. Don't worry, the tail will grow back.

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  4. it's not a 'bad' idea to have a lizard so near to you... with dengue fever at its peak now, at least u can be sure that there will be no mosquitoes in your room :)


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