FHM Party- Mariott Hotel

(I am back)
(Missed me?)

FHM threesome party
B:One, Mariott Hotel

Happened eons ago on 11 April 2008

Claire Jedrek gracing the cover of April's Issue

Bunch of us GNDs.

Back facing the audience! Stanislavski would turn in his grave.

Overall I thought the FHM party at B:one was much better than the previous one at Thumpers. Plenty of drinks going round... thanks to our sponsors Asia Pacific Breweries ( but why Anchor and not Tiger huh guys??) . They had some kind of entertainment going... I met a lot of new people and got to know more of the GNDs.One shitty thing though.. max capacitylike at 9pm!!!My friends were stuck queuing outside. :( I feel awful about that.

Fellow Nuffnang Bloggers- Valerie and Sher...

Boon Sin, the man responsible for all the pics in this post. (*Thank you*)

Another person who was there with me who was never previously mentioned, and is not in any of my pictures is the new guy I'm dating, Erik. But we've been dating for less than a month, I don't want to jinx another relationship by featuring him in my blog.

When things are more certain, then you'll get to know him. Lest my readers think I change BFs as often as I change underwear. [Once a week...]

Meanwhile, that night I won like $300 B:one vouchers for drinks. [Click here for video i found of the event on youtube] So that will be fun this weekend. I was thinking of bringing Erik, and a couple of his friends. A good way to get to know someone is through the company they choose to keep. Don't you think?


Anonymous said…
Nice to see you back. Hoped whatever that had bothered you, have been solved. Nevertheless, welcome back & take care always :)
For the boyfriend issue you mentioned in your latest entry, well, "it takes two hands to clap". So it all goes down to the point where - you are in the process of finding the "right" hand to clap with. So, nothing wrong with that, isn't it :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Girl Next Door! Ironical, you winning $300 drink coupons just after posting about the evils of alcohol. :-)
Holly Jean said…
Haha... yeah.. ironic ;p lol
Simon Seow said…
lucky you