Who You Gonna Wake Up Next To In The Morning?

Ok.. over the last couple of years, there has been a sudden influx of big eyed, fluttery lashed, pouty lipped girls with long romantic curls framing their pretty faces.

It never occurred to me to ask - where did they all suddenly come from? we didn't see them 5 years ago or so. And then Joanne forwarded me a website which kinda surprised me.
Guys, you wouldn't mind waking up to this face now, would you?
But what if I told you that you may go to sleep looking at that face above, but wake up facing this one instead.....
yes, surprise-surprise! It's the same girl. Don't believe me? Look at the series of pics below in which she will transform before your very eyes!

step 1: Get your hair extensions done.

Step 2: Put in big eye contacts Step 3: Foundation Step 4: Make Up & False Eyelashes in Step 5: Line your eyes with black liquid liner
Step 6: Eyeshadow, take ugly shower cap off
End Result

Amazing isn't it. Makes you really wonder... who you gonna wake up next to in the morning?

**Special thanks to Joanne for forwarding me the original article

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!

    I wouldn't want to wake up one morning, and see a completely different person next to me!!

    Well, I wouldn't mind if she turns into a Chipster though. :p

  2. Anonymous11:00 pm

    eee..this one got moustache shadow on her upper lip all..never wax/bleach/rip it off. gross.--nn

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  4. Anonymous1:37 am

    hehe. I'm the infamous Joanne. Glad I made it to your blog

  5. No comment. Seen this like 10 times already.

  6. I thought you were joking when you said they are the same girl.

    See, you don't need an expensive $50000 face lift to look cute.

  7. lol, my makeover didn't make me look that cool.

  8. Anonymous9:04 pm

    That's scary...thought it was done by Photoshop or something until I saw the pics. :-)

  9. makeup really does miracle!

  10. Anonymous9:09 pm

    You forgot about shaving your moustache off.lol

  11. huh? My moustache? Evolna, I'm not the girl in the picture.

  12. Anonymous4:42 pm

    hi holly.
    i think the gal from step1 and step2 is not the same..
    when i look at it carefully,step1 gal's lips are dark and can see a mustache.
    step2 gals's lips are more in pink and mo mustache.
    this is what i think only.
    i dun know for sure.

  13. Anonymous4:44 pm

    is it bcuz of the camera angle and lighting.?
    or may be miracle of make ups,concealer and lip stick.


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