Who You Gonna Wake Up Next To In The Morning?

Ok.. over the last couple of years, there has been a sudden influx of big eyed, fluttery lashed, pouty lipped girls with long romantic curls framing their pretty faces.

It never occurred to me to ask - where did they all suddenly come from? we didn't see them 5 years ago or so. And then Joanne forwarded me a website which kinda surprised me.
Guys, you wouldn't mind waking up to this face now, would you?
But what if I told you that you may go to sleep looking at that face above, but wake up facing this one instead.....
yes, surprise-surprise! It's the same girl. Don't believe me? Look at the series of pics below in which she will transform before your very eyes!

step 1: Get your hair extensions done.

Step 2: Put in big eye contacts Step 3: Foundation Step 4: Make Up & False Eyelashes in Step 5: Line your eyes with black liquid liner
Step 6: Eyeshadow, take ugly shower cap off
End Result

Amazing isn't it. Makes you really wonder... who you gonna wake up next to in the morning?

**Special thanks to Joanne for forwarding me the original article

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Hwei Ming said…
OH MY GOD!!!!!

I wouldn't want to wake up one morning, and see a completely different person next to me!!

Well, I wouldn't mind if she turns into a Chipster though. :p
Anonymous said…
eee..this one got moustache shadow on her upper lip all..never wax/bleach/rip it off. gross.--nn
Chubby Cheeks said…
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Anonymous said…
hehe. I'm the infamous Joanne. Glad I made it to your blog
Simon Seow said…
No comment. Seen this like 10 times already.
Unknown said…
I thought you were joking when you said they are the same girl.

See, you don't need an expensive $50000 face lift to look cute.
Tashi Core said…
lol, my makeover didn't make me look that cool.
Anonymous said…
That's scary...thought it was done by Photoshop or something until I saw the pics. :-)
chartao said…
makeup really does miracle!
Anonymous said…
You forgot about shaving your moustache off.lol
Holly Jean said…
huh? My moustache? Evolna, I'm not the girl in the picture.
Anonymous said…
hi holly.
i think the gal from step1 and step2 is not the same..
when i look at it carefully,step1 gal's lips are dark and can see a mustache.
step2 gals's lips are more in pink and mo mustache.
this is what i think only.
i dun know for sure.
Anonymous said…
is it bcuz of the camera angle and lighting.?
or may be miracle of make ups,concealer and lip stick.