My Latest Toy- the Asus eee PC

Just got back from prison today. And I went to buy myself an Asus eee pc.
If you haven't heard about this sweet lil' baby yet... read on...

It's the cheapest tiny laptop I've seen so far (that's my hand below and I have normal girl sized hands!) . I paid $598 and it weighs less than 1kg.
Why is it so cheap?
It's only got a capacity of 4 Gigs though ( the one with 8 Gigs at $900plus is not in Sg yet). But I am buying this solely for blogging on the go and surfing the Internet, so I will manage on 4 gigs. So if you're into your games or want to do heavy video editing and photo shopping, then this is not for you.

It doesn't have a CD drive. That's why it's so small too. I gave this some thought and with my current lap top and PC... when was the last time I used a CD? It was ages ago! I stream my videos and pop stuff onto my thumb drive.

It's not windows XP ( that's why Asus managed to bring the cost so low), it's LINUX operating system. Takes a little getting used to, but it has it's own Office and Paint and all that.... and all these are already preinstalled ( no need to buy overpriced Microsoft stuff!) and your documents from Microsoft are compatible with what Linux has.. so I foresee no problems here.

Why buy it?
Apart from it being just $598 and very tiny, it looks pretty in pearl white. (I got to say that the black one looks cheap and shitty though). They didn't skimp on the materials, it's sturdy and well designed for a tiny laptop.

The built in speakers are just as loud and clear as the ones from my NEC laptop (which must weigh at least 2 kgs!).

There's a built in web cam (see below). No complaints with this.... it's clear and so easy to use.

There's wireless, 3 usb ports, SD card slot, all the usual jacks and it's so small it'll fit into most of my handbags... how's that for convenience?!

*note : Hello Kitty design was self-imposed


  1. Yipz....girls and their gadget... small and mean..

    buys however, is big and mean.. :p

    Nice toy!!

  2. Anonymous3:41 pm

    we can webcam each other..woohoo! but then again..why wld u want to see my unbrushed-teeth face lol. but still woohoo for the lappy! --nn

  3. Nice but Acer ah. Hm...Let's see la this year end, want to buy a laptop.


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