Malaysia Truly Asia??? (KL post 1).

I'll be going to KL, Malaysia, on the 15th & 16th of March for the Nuffnang Pajama Party.

I've been to KL years ago, but didn't get around to doing much.

So I'm appealing to people with great experiences of KL ( esp Malaysians themselves) for tips on where to go and what to see when in KL for a weekend.

What clubs?
Where to Shop?
Where/ What to eat?
Any other special experience I should not miss?

Any dangers I should be warned of?

I'm sure I'll benefit from your suggestions/comments and other readers who are going to KL will find the information useful too.

Do leave your suggestions in the comments section at the end of this post.

Ps- Will update all of you with my Malaysia Truly Asia??? (KL post 2).


  1. Erm.. shop, well, pavilion is near the pajamas party,

    Club, Zouk? Near KLCC..but, it is over crowded sometimes...
    Make that..all the time..

    Food, Chilly Pan mee... get some of the Nuffnang peepz in malaysia, they will know where to eat.

    Any warning..
    Be extra careful, if you can, bring a few personal bodyguard..

  2. Agreed with Hwei Ming. Pavillion KL is not the shopping haven that got the most branded shops. If you want to go for bargain stuff, you can always go to Sg. Wang also in Bukit Bintang.

    Club, Skybar, Luna Bar. Two rooftop lunge that have great city view.

    Yes, my suggestion too, chilly pan mee. If you can't find any Nuffnang ppl to go with you. You can get me.

    Snatch thief on motorcycle is the in thing now. Don't use a hand bag if can but if no choice, walk against the traffic always.

  3. Sorry got a typo. not is suppose to be now.

  4. Thnx Simon and Hwei Ming for the tips.

    Chilly Pan Mee sounds delicious!!! Hope it's like all fried and yummy.

    Woot... hope to see u guys at the party. (Btw, if I don't come up and say hi.. it's cos I'm quite blind, and bad with faces) haha.. so do come up to me.


  5. You are very much welcome..

    and enjoy..malaysia... so called truly asia...

    *never understood that phrase*


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