FHM party

@ Thumper
Goodwood Park hotel
6 March 2008

(Thank you Boon Sin for sending me this pic)
The Threesome party had about 50 of the 100 Girls Next Door present. It's funny how you can see a real variety of girls... from those who chose to wear next to nothing to those who went more classy. I'm so glad I ditched the ultra mini black skirt and stilleto heels for a simple tube dress instead! ( It was a last minute change!)
Me, Jamie & Melissa

Alwyn & Julian
The disappointing thing about the event was that even though there was supposed to be a freeflow from 8 - 10 pm, drinks were HARD to come by, bar was crowded, and only one bar tender serving.
We left at about 11pm to go eat KFC chicken at Far East! Plus it was a weekday night and everyone had work the next morning.
The good thing out of this was that I met some really nice fellow girls next door. There's Syasya and Eileen ( pictures below) but one thing I've noticed... they're all so young!!! ( Syasya is 22 and Eileen is 19!)


  1. What? That's it? No more beautiful picture of you?

  2. Anonymous5:36 pm

    only? i thought there'll be more pics on the events..or at least more pics of u? :P


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