Is This Love?

This is a follow up on my previous post This Is Love which happens to be the winning entry in the Nuffnang/ Nike Women contest. Woot!

Tim & I chose to have our Valentine's Day dinner at St. Julien, The Fullerton Waterboat House.
Champagne in Valentine's Day glasses... Amusing how the glasses have no bases. Freshly baked bread .. lil baby baguette! Look at how tiny it is in Tim's hand! Like it's meant for a doll ... either that or midget.... I just found it so cute.

Japanese Sea Scallop with Avruga Caviar, prepared with orange sauce and aged balsamic vinegar. I hate raw seafood... but this extremely thinly sliced scallop was bearable... very light and does not assault the tastebuds. The Caviar... just fantastic! Exquisite little bubbles, bursting with flavour.

Lobster Bisque. Yummy.. with chunks of lobster... and a hint of garlic. Love that it was served in a little jar. So novel!

Quatro De Foie Gras, pan seared duck liver with honey sauce, terrine of foie gras with sweet wine sauce, foie gras with mushroom and shredded duck confit. This has got to be my FAVOURITE! It melts in your mouth, smells wonderful and with every little bit I put in my mouth (I was taking this real slow... great things are meant to last), it just filled my whole mouth with a succulent duck fat taste. Yummmm.....

Main course of Duo of Beef and Prawn, roast peppered beef tenderloin and smoked paprika prawn with caramelized onions and french beans. Yes, the name of the main course is pretty boring sounding but this has got to be absofuckinglutely the best piece of beef I have ever had in my life. So tender that it cuts like a hot knife through butter, and oh so juicy. Kudos to the chef for getting it just perfect.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Dessert, white and dark chocolate and fresh mint coulis. This was mediocre... and it tasted as sad as it looks... which is sad because I always save room for dessert and I was really looking forward to it.

And then the bill came up to a whopping $750! [$500 of it was paid for by contest sponsors, Nike Women] This has got to be THE MOST expensive dinner I've had in my life.

But it was also the best I've had. Service was good, the food was excellent and my companion.... even more delectable...

For the first time since my break up 5 months ago, I'm feeling happy again. Like everything is falling into place. I cannot help but wonder is this it??? Is This....... Love? *blush*

*Thank you Nike Women, Nuffnang, Ming... and of course, Tim... who was the inspiration for my winning post .


  1. Anonymous9:32 am

    Never been in love?

    Congratulations on the contest.

  2. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Looks (and sounds) like an awesome dinner! Even better that it was sponsored. I am happy for you... :-)


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