Home & Deco Post 3

(this post was written about a week ago, I just didnt get down to uploading it. I have a bit of time now, so here it is...)

Tim's been slowly progressing with his home decorating. Today... the new bedroom light arrived. The picture below is of the ugly flourescent round plain characterless light which came with the condo. Yucks. This is the new light, ordered before chinese new year... Tim decided on having a dangling light because his ceilings are extra high, so it would compliment the height of the room. The light is also big enough to give the illusion of a lower ceiling.. hence creating a more cosy bedroom. I'm quite impressed with his gall... he'd usually pick plain boring solid colours. But this light is quite a feature in itself.
Finally after 2 weeks of waiting, it's being installed.... by this guy...

All done... the room is coming together nicely. We put in new bedside tables as well ( pic unavailable at the moment)

Next step- Giving walls a fresh white coat.

Getting new bed linen and dark curtains.