Domestic Hell

Just saw this on the news. I am not surprised though.

But it just reminded me of a conversation I had with Tim (I'm dating him at the moment). He is pro-maid. He wants to have a maid to cook and clean and take care of the kids. But I am anti-maid, I cannot stand how Singaporeans have become so dependant on filipino/indonesian maids. I roll my eyes when I see couples who are so reliant on the maids that they have to bring them to church, dinner... even on holidays! It's like suddenly having an extra family member. Where's the privacy. Yuck.

My mother raised 3 kids without any help... why can't women now be just as able homemakers without needing additional help. I used to know a boy when I was about 16... his younger brother who was like seven at the time had been raised mostly by their filipino maids (one after another every 2 years).. the boy had a filipino accent! My god.

Anyway... here's the video they screened on the news. THe couple had a hidden cam and were surprised to find the usually soft spoken and gentle maid kicking and shaking their 2 month old baby.