Trots And Such

Went to Kranji Turf Club yesterday for night races.

My friend Andrew Frost (Frosty), whom I dated briefly like some 5 years ago... does the commentary on the races there. He sorted out tickets for us, so my friend and I were in the owners lounge upstairs.

At the turf club, the flood lights were so bloody bright, it felt like it was DAY... when in reality it was like 9 o'clock at night!

We were comfortable up there with our beers and a good view of the tracks. But I just wanted to go down to the lower grandstand to be closer to the horses.

The lower grandstand is where all the punters go to. Not much of a dress code expected. And it kinda reminded me of like the KL bus depot! Such a stark difference from where we were. I guess the upper grandstand (which is air conditioned) and costs $7 to get in would be a lot better.

This velvet gray horse is so pretty. But I didn't bet on it because odds were like 127 to 1! But in the end, she came in 2nd! Imagine that.

I'm going to get a horse/unicorn tattoo someday....

Sorry I don't have an interesting angle on this story. I would love to say that i made like a hundred thousand bucks betting, or that a young, rich, handsome, suave horse owner fell in lust with me and swept me off to Aruba... but none of that happened.

I did however bump into Danny Luke, Skye's friend.

But that's another story....