Home & Deco (Post 2)

OK.. today in Holly's world of home and deco... I want to bring to light an engineering marvel (Well... a marvel to me at least) and awesome invention.
It's called the Bloomframe. It's quite simply just a window frame... but it can turn into a balcony at the touch of a button ( in 15 seconds!). Designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects based in Amsterdam.

If I designed a condominium, I would put in bloomframes overlooking the pool. Perfect for a little condo as it saves space, looks neat yet gives you that added feature and space when you need it. And imagine the wonderful facade it would give the building... really cool.

And if I made a commercial selling the condo, I would get my actors/actresses to all stand by the bloomframe window, and then get a pan shot of the condo building's facade from a reasonable distance. And as the sun rises in the mornning, everyone just starts opening their bloomframes, and as balconies bloom.... the sun is rising... people start stretching, or having breakfast, couples standing on the balcony and soaking in the gentle warm rays. Can you picture it? REALLY fantastic commercial and selling point it would make... wouldn't it?

As a balcony, it can take enough weight for a couple to perhaps have breakfast on. Or to do morning yoga...

It's great in countries with seasons... all closed up and toasty inside in the winter. Or if it rains in Singapore, just draw in your whole balcony!

My only gripe, looking at this piece of art... is that when it is shut, the bottom is a sheet of metal... doesn't really make a great window... It should be made of glass both on top and bottom so it will let in more light as a window and be a really cool glass floor as a balcony. (Don't roll your eyes and think I'm crazy! You know they can make fiberglass or whatever that's strong enough to be a floor. It's not a crazy new non-existent thing).


  1. i wish i had this at my apartment, haven't got a proper balcony :P

  2. Fascinating concept, but if there’s the space for a small balcony, why not have a permanent one?... cheaper, more robust, no fingers chopped off as you lower or raise the structure, and permanent sliding doors already keep the outside out and the inside in.

  3. yeah true... I guess I just like the concept and the engineering.. very novel.

    wld be neat to have a very huge window transform into a balcony, very transformer-esque


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