Cookie Monster

Cookie is 6 months now... much less hyper than 2 months ago... but still too hyper. I don't know her weight... have not taken her to the vet in the last 2 months.

Put a blue tank top on her ( could not find a pink one!)... and she looks pretty cute. haha.


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Cookie monster is cute!

  2. hey Miss Holly!=) yr doggie is so cute!!! i want a doggie but not allowed to keep one -.-'' anyway yr a great teacher;)ILY!!xp

  3. natalie koh frm 1e2 here btws..=p

  4. Cher! Ying Ling here. =DD
    Yr dog ish a pug is it? Cute sia!!
    I also got dog but different breed hahaha. =DD


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