Your Body Is Your Canvas

My bro just had his third tattoo, a Hanya Mask, done today at Johnny Two Thumbs, Far East Plaza... He's had all his tattoos done there by Chak tat.

This latest tattoo is a Christmas present to him from mom and dad. (I chose to get Moisturiser as my christmas present from them.. see what a boring big sister I am!)
The Hanya mask, with its horns and sharp fangs, is probably the best known of all Noh masks. This character was once a beautiful woman who fell in love with a priest. Her unrequited love causes her to turn into a monster who expresses the fury of a woman overwhelmed by jealousy and anger. It is also suppossed to ward off evil.


  1. Anonymous5:15 pm

    That'll look great in 20yrs time!

  2. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Hey babe, just dropping by. Not sure about your status now but I'm quite certain things will get better soon (if it is not already looking up like that) :) Anyway call me anytime. And looks like you have quite a pest hanging around here trying to be a smart-ass haha. good luck with that one. luvv -- NN


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