The end of the year which started off shit

I simply cannot end the posts of 2007 with something titled Mohawk Schmohawk.... so I am compelled to squeeze in one last post this year.

But I have nothing specific to blog about.

Just random thoughts... it has struck me this year how everyone is growing up and settling down but I am still in bloody limbo.

My good friend Sarah is spending a quiet one with her BF. Serene (who was at Siloso beach with me last new year's) is having steamboat... STEAMBOAT! Farizan is not coming back to SG until next June. Colleagues are staying in or going to church tonight.
Me? I just want to get pissed.

I am contemplating bringing my camera out tonight. I have a shitty feeling I might lose it if I do... like I lost my phone, sanity and the use of my right foot last New Year's. I started off 2007 so shittily... I am slightly paranoid that it is going to end just as shittily!

Will probably gather a real mish mash of friends. 2 from uni, 2 from my old clubbing days that sort of thing (lol)... not sure if it's a wise idea .. this hodge podge of people who aren't normally in one clique... but hey it's the new years... after the third round of drinks... I don't think they'd care.

I'm partly contemplating just staying in. But I know I will regret it when The New Year comes and work starts!

But there's just nothing special in my life right now... no magic... nothing to really smile about.
I think next year, I will fly off for new years. I need to get away from all this melancholy. Hopefully it is not airborne and I can leave it behind in SG! Or maybe 2008 is the year where everything just starts falling into place.... I don't know... one can only hope.

Have A Good New Year everyone... or at least try to. :)