You Fail, You Learn.

Break Ups are learning experiences.
As a follow up to my post on "the 2 year itch"( I'd Like To Buy A Vowel) , this post is about the answers I have found, and what I have learnt from my failed relationships.

Learning points:

1. Love is a risky, but as with all high risk bets, the payoffs are great. However, no amount of effort can transform relationships that are wrong for us into ones that are right for us.

2. I am attractive both inside and out. There's nothing wrong with me, my character or the way that I am. I have been in several romantic relationships. What I have not experienced yet is a romantic relationship with a truly compatible person. That is why it failed. Compatibility makes all the difference.

3. I have to be strong, patient and persistent to find the truly compatible guy for me. I need to look for long term compatibility... not just short term compatibility ( hence my 2 year itch!).

4. I need to apply my relationship minesweeper concept.

5. Anyone who tells you that relationships are meant to be difficult and hard work... is wrong. Bullshit. If two people are right for each other, both are giving and receiving, both are contented... then it doesn't have to be difficult. You shouldn't have to keep struggling to stay afloat. Yes, some arguments make the relationship stronger, that is how you learn about each other and grow. But it shouldn't be a struggle. Partners should not have to play devious games with each other.


  1. Anonymous2:19 pm

    You look the happiest with Ashley but the most in love with Skye

  2. Do you realize that all the guys have the same type of eyes and eyebrows?

  3. :s OMG.. I think you're right!

  4. so the next time i see a guy with that particular look, i'll go up to him and inform him he's been talent spotted and will get his number for you! haha!!!


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