Christmas Wish List

Ok.. I know I said that this post would be about presents for girls.

But I sat down.. and realised... girls are very difficult to buy for. Well.. Girls like me at least.. who will frown if you just went out to buy me an ipod or bottle of perfume or any common, run-of-the-mill gift like that.

But I will share with you one Fab gift that would really make my day!!! [Yes.. some of you may have noticed that my interests can change from month to month... not really interested in rock climbing anymore. haha.]

This is what I found:

Hope Pink Everlast Boxing bag

I think I would really love to take up boxing! No.. don't want to go to a gym boxing class!!! yuck! But would be cool to have this bag anchored to the ceiling in my room. Punching up a sweat is good for venting frustration. And I can kick it too... I think I have a pretty good kick, but am losing it with age.. so have to work on that!

And the matching pink gloves and wraps! OMG. How much girlier can boxing get really? Love it!

Ok boys.. if you think this boxing thing is a really neat idea for your girlfriend.. but you don't want to get the real deal above.. because quite honestly... if she has no interest in taking up boxing, and you get her a 70lbs boxing bag to anchor in her pretty room when she actually wanted diamonds or perfume... then she's going to cry! And you'd go down as the BF who gave her the worst gift ever.

But you can give her this inflatable punching bag as a fun gag gift though... Put your photo in the slot! haha. Though this would not give anyone much of a workout.


  1. OMG that's so cool! They should install that in the ladies gym segments of the megagyms... :-)

  2. yeah!!

    i already checked with the ppl at EverLast. The boxing bag only costs like 90plus US. but shipping is going to cost me 60 US$! ( it is like.. 70pounds in weight!

    and will cost another $60 Sing to but the chains and hooks etc here and get the man to install.


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