World Earth day 07-07-07 just over.

It's a pity that to reach the masses and tell them to conserve energy and save our Earth.. we have to have mega concerts with huge Holographic displays (impressive,Japan) and huge motherf*cking kick ass GIANT screens on stage (Good one, London!!!!!)

I was watching a bit of it on TV, and I just could not help but think about all the energy consumed to run these things... very extravagant indeed.

I know.. you can argue it's for the greater good. But I'm not too sure about that either... the crowds.. seems the majority are there for the concert and the bands....

Maybe if every single person who watches the concerts on TV or are there in person.. yeah these people from all 7 different continents.... if we indulge ourselves with this entertainment (which means in some nations, the TV is on for hours on end to watch this 24 hour concert) on WORLD EARTH DAY itself... then we should make up for it by not using any electricity, gas or fuel for the next 24 hours. Maybe then it would justify and make up for the extravagance on the 7th.

Well... here's hoping for an ever lasting effect.... so all this is worth something afterall.

Answer The Call..

Shut down your computer now. Don't leave it on so you can have MSN running, or download illegal bittorrent movies.... don't leave it on standby simply because it boots up faster that way.

Switch it off. Go fly a kite instead.

(Not jesting about the kite though.. I actually bought myself one)


  1. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Kite flying is fun , go try it!
    It will be better if you can make the kite yourself . there are some peeps from Changkat who can make great kites! I saw 1 myself =)


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