Lies All Women Tell

I try to write this with a bit of humour.... but in reality, Kinda scary to talk about.. because I feel so exposed. Not to mention, it might get me in trouble with my Bubba.

I'm going out on a limb for you guys here. (Apologies to the Girls) In any case, you can always claim I'm a nut, a self righteous, over-generalising bitch... and completely disregard this post.

Or you can read and obsess about it.


1. "I'm not mad at you"
When you find her behaviour a little cold, and you ask her what's wrong?? And she says "nothing". Don't be a fool and just take her word for it. More often than not, she wants you to KNOW what you did wrong (you bad bad sorry excuse for a man!) without her telling you.

Holly Jean's Tip: BIG mistake if you just take her word for it here, and think she's not mad at you. Women will dwell on it, the matter won't just disappear. It will reappear and bite you in the ass when you least need it.

2. "I'm not ready for a relationship right now"
She's just waiting for something better to come along, yet does not want to lose you ... just in case there is nothing better. Also, you make good company and she needs your attention to fill in the gaps in her life.

Possibly. she doesn't like you that way, but doesn't want to drop the bomb and hurt your feelings. But MOST of the time, it's a selfish hoarding reaction.

Holly Jean's Tip: Give her a fair amount of time. Then save your own personal dignity and walk away.

3. "I don't mind you going to strip clubs/ looking at porn"
WOW! You've hit the jackpot mate! You've got the coolest girlfriend ever!

Not. It sounds too good to be true.. because it is.

Women tell you this to make themselves seem less needy. Women artfully lie in situations like this because it's frankly pathetic to have to own up to one's insecurities. No woman in their right mind would feel good about their man going out to ogle at other women. If you had a choice (and btw, you do!) would you like your partner to be in sexually charged situations without you?

Holly Jean's Tip: If she's not lying to save face, it's possible she's covering her own back. Allowing you to do something she (in reality) dislikes... will either allow her to fly under the radar with her own indiscretions, or make her feel better about them.

If she's not lying to save face or cover her own back here... then there's a good chance she's testing you. [I know, if this already happened to you.. you probably failed didn't you? Just think... now she knows you're no different from the rest. You're nothing special. Not irreplaceable].

4. "I've slept with ___ men in the past."
Skye once told me that when it comes to the number of sexual partners people say they have had... whatever a man says.. you divide that figure by three. What ever a woman says, you multiply by three!

Holly Jean's Tip: I don't know. You figure it out yourself boys. How true is it?

Girls... to be on your side... I'd say that a woman will only lie about her number of sexual partners if she's ashamed of it.

5. "Money is not important to me"

Holly Jean's Tip: Money is important to everyone but at varying degrees.



Shantanu said…
Haha! Thanks for the tips, Holly Jean. I guess #5 most men know for sure... :)
haan said…
most agree with ya on #1 :)
Anonymous said…
totally agree with all 5!! This is one mystery that has yet to be solved...reading women's minds!
lovie said…
Nice post you have there.
I'll have to admit that they are so true, sad to say that though. Haha.
Girls need to find new things to say from now on. Haha.
lovie said…
Nice post you have there.
I'll have to admit that they are so true, sad to say that though. Haha.
Girls need to find new things to say from now on. Haha.