BALI Bonanza!

Apologies, late with the updates. But I am only just beginning to feel ok again.

We stayed at Barong Kuta. only about 50plus a night. pretty good value. Friendly staff. 2 beautiful pools. Shitty thing, as with most of Kuta, it gets really noisy at night.. drunk and loud Ozzies and Americans. Ku De' Ta is a place in Seminyak, about a S$10 taxi ride from Kuta. Very expensive joint. Food is just ok though. But the view at dusk is supposedly the best.

That's Skye and our Surf Instructor. Good Deal. It was about US$40 a person for about 2 hours. Just the two of us to one instructor and we both were able to stand on the board at the very first attempt. So I highly recommend Pro Surf School.

Good place to eat- Maccaroni. MUST try the grilled swordfish in lemon and coriander. The second picture was taken in secrecy... Skye was pretending to take my picture but was actually trying to snap one of the Kuta Cowboy behind me and older white woman. But he took so damn long and made it sooo obvious.. hence my displeased face. Well, anyway, what I read on the internet previously about bronzed gigolos parading around Kuta beach... no la. Hardly saw any of that.
Bali Bombing Memorial. You could build one that reaches the sky... it's not going to make a difference. Just an extra thing for tourists to take pictures of.
My henna butterfly Tattoo... was talked out of getting the real thing. Sad thing is. because I broke out in rashes all over my face and started getting fevers the next day, I was convinced that the black Cheap chemical Henna they used was poisoning me. So I got it scrubbed off. The doctor later clarified that it was NOT causing my fevers afterall. haha. Anyway, I've decided... no more 3rd world holidays for me for a while. I always end up falling ill.

White water Rafting with Bali View Rafting. Only US$68 a person. Good fun . safe also. And the trip ends with a 4M drop off a waterfall. Wheee! Last pic is Chris Keel sleeping on the bus ride back to hotel. He didn't get sleep the night before. Guess why. :)
P/s- Thank you Bubba for this wonderful treat.


Anonymous said…
so you went after all!! ey but the kuta kowboy urm looks like any other makotai leh.. nn
hanya said…
Hi Jean!

I stumbled upon ur blog while looking up articles on Bali gigolos (not a pleasant word i guess.. shhhhh) haha...

Very nice Bali pixs & interesting writeup you've got. I'm a BaLi buff; love at first sight way back into time.