Stop Kissing The Toads

... They will NOT change into your Prince.

Your kiss (or love, affection and effort) will not lift the unfortunate spell that causes him to be an asshole.

Just as women throughout time have picked men who were not their type, I have chosen many wrong men in life. Men-who-gamble, Men-who-cheat, Men-with-Ultra-High-STD-risk, Men-with-baggage, Men-who-tried-to-change-me... you name them, I've probably dated them.

But one thing we all come to learn from bad relationships is that Leopards will never change their spots... (I'm sure you've heard that about men)... No matter how good you may think you are at fixing people or changing them... you are no Merlin my friend... you are a mere woman.

So please, stop kissing the toads unless that is what you want to end up with...

The Prince: Imagine sharing your days with a partner who is not only your best friend but also someone you deeply desire physically. (Obviously, you have to fit your own prince's pic .. like duh.. I'm not saying there's only one Prince Around and I have him... besides, one girl's prince may be another girl's toad... agree?)

The Common Toad: 1. any of various tailless amphibians that are close relatives of the frogs. Typically have dry, warty skin.. relatively short hind legs used in hopping and often having at the shoulders swellings containing glands that, along with the skin, secrete an irritating fluid in defense. 2. a person as an object of disgust or aversion.

Even with that in mind, have you ever started a new relationship, only to find that, despite careful filtering, there are some spooky similarities between him and a past relationship that turned out to be disastrous?

I can't figure out if I am being "Too Picky" about Men or Not Picky Enough.


  1. Anonymous2:07 am

    Eww, sorry but I'd rather not kiss either of those 2 warty toads.. :(


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