Oooh weeee! Yo Momma Snaps.

I'm spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at home watching Tv. Have you seen Yo Momma on Mtv? Hosted by Wilmer Valderama (of That 70's Show fame). Hilarious.

I appreciate it because I for one cannot tell a joke to save my life.

So here are some of the pretty funny Yo Momma jokes I've heard ( not just from the show)
Yo mama's so fat n black, she jumped in the ocean and they thought she was an oil spill.
Yo mama's so stupid, she thought Grape Nuts was an STD.

Yo momma so nasty they make them eat her cunt on fear factor.
I'm not going to say any more nasty things 'bout yo momma, her face says it all.
Hey I don't have a mom, me and my dad just use yours!
Yo mama's so stupid, she gave birth to you.
Yo mama's so stupid, her idea of safe sex is locking the car doors.
Yo mama's so ugly, when I last saw a mouth like hers, it had a hook in it.
Yo mama's teeth are so crooked, she has to suck my dick sideways.
Yo mama's like a hardware store, 25 cents a screw.

To be fair-- -here are some Yo father jokes... (funny how these aren't as popular as ones which slam women)

Yo father's like cement, takes him two days to get hard.
Yo father's dick is so small, he pisses on his nuts.
Yo dad's so stupid, he has to unzip his pants to count to 11.
Yo father's so ugly, his own hand turns him down.