Drag-on Down to the Zoo Today

Went to Mandai Zoological Gardens yesterday.

The Zoo is cool beans!

OK.. less yak, more pics in this post.

^ The White Tiger is my favourite ZOO animal. They are Bengal tigers but they are albino because of inbreeding which causes mutation. With this pale coloration, they can hardly survive in the wild.
^Tough choice... I guess New Guinean men could get more pleasure out of 8 pigs.
^ Elephants of Asia - these don't have tusks, unlike their African counterparts.
^ Hey it's Geoffrey! I don't wanna Grow Up, I'm a Toys'r'us Kid... tu du tu du tu du....
^ Poor ickle polar bear... our climate is crap for him.

^ Check out that ass. Amazing creature.
Yay! Was a fun day at the zoo for me. Don't have to go back there for another 10 years or so. But will be going for the Night Safari in a couple of weeks, with Skye and his friend Chris who'll be visiting SG.


  1. Anonymous11:05 am

    Impressive - my young padawan apprentice, your photo skills are coming on!


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