Domestic Goddess

There are many milestones in the course of life. First day of school, first graduation, first job, FIRST PAY CHECK...

In the course of my present couplehood, I am going though milestones I never hit before. First holiday abroad together (and it's already going to be the fourth trip we're taking together next month! Where has the time gone?) ... First grocery shopping together (believe it or not), First Meal Cooked together... First big fight (sucks)...

And last night.... the First Guests.

I've always had friends come over to my house when I was growing up. My parents have always been easy going and hospitable. But last night was different.

I had dinner guests at Skye's apartment. OK, so they were only my parents and brother. But it was a great test drive. Entertaining people I know so well ( and who know my incompetencies so well) took a lot of pressure off the event.

It felt to me like a mark of adult couplehood... hosting your own little dinner in your own little abode. There was a great sense of responsibility and even pride.

I think my dad was actually proud of me (which is a big thing because I've always been his favourite little girl and he's very protective of me... almost like he doesn't want to let go).

The evening went well... dinner turned out ok (not fantastic, but give me a break ok). We realise we need more plates, and different types of plates (esp for dessert), another set of cutlery (otherwise I'll be in a mad rush to keep washing), we need more seats... the list goes on.

When Skye got home from work yesterday, he commented on how nice the place looked and how he wished I'd do that everyday. Probably just a simple observation/comment on his part, but it made me happy. Life is exciting, I'm turning into quite the Domestic Goddess. [OK, so i stashed our junk in the spare room, out of sight]

I'm aiming for Charlotte York (minus the big flowers and frilly duvets) ... or perhaps Bree Van Der Camp. Either way, I'm domestic... and happy.


  1. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Thank you !!! It was delightful - Love you x


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