April Randomness

Skye and I on the MRT... on our way to Little India to eat curry.

A Thing Or Two Trivia: On our very first date, we somehow ended up on the streets of Little India... very late at night, I had no idea where we were walking to ( I wanted to go to where all the fish head curry restaurants were!). Never found that stretch of road.. stuck in the seedy and dodgy zone... Quite the disaster haha. But it was all made up more than a year later when we finally went back to have curry at the right part of Little India.

My darling allowing me to put highlights in his hair. Allowing someone to do your hair takes a lot of trust... and just look at how cute my bubba is!

A Thing Or Two Trivia: I was never meant to be a hair stylist. I suck at it but I still like to play with my Bf's hair. :)

Had dinner at Cafe Del Mar last week. (Thank you Jason for sorting out last minute reservations!) Went there with Tyronne, Skye's friend from Thailand. The Lamb there is good. You see that pretty looking pink drink in the martini glass? Stay away from it. Watermelon martini is vile.

A Thing Or Two Trivia: My favourite drink is the Lychee Martini. It's easy to make too... Vodka, Lychee syrup/ or lychee liquer and a plump lychee (syrup and fruit from the can). When I throw my own house party, it'll be one with Lychee Martinis.

Haven't had the time to go shopping this week. Had sports day heats, and courses to go for in the afternoon. Enough about work! I did manage to buy myself a Hello Kitty Tank top and a Disney Cuties sweater!

A Thing Or Two Trivia: Yes! My bed sheet you see in the background is vintage Strawberry Shortcake. One day Hello Kitty will reach Vintage status too. :)