The Mystery of Attraction

Cindy Crawford was on the TYRA Show today.

yadda yadda yadda... she mentioned that a long time ago, she was set up for a date with Alec Baldwin. And when he turned up at her doorstep and she opened the door, she noticed his look of disappointment. Like he was expecting a walking talking COSMO cover. But she was just normal, dressed up for the date yes.. but not styled and made up for a shoot. And he was disappointed! Imagine that. How shallow people can get.

Anway, she then went on to mention that you know you've found the right guy when he doesn't mind how you look without the make up. And you know you've found the right girl when you like the way she looks when she wakes up in the morning.

Mole face makes good sense, does she not?

;) kidding abt the mole face bit, lah!

But seriously, we are all drawn to attractive people because it's basic human survival instinct. Attractive people = Good genes
Good genes = healthier, better off spring

For instance, female peacocks will choose males with the longest tail feathers--the peacock version of Brad Pitt. These more attractive features usually indicate some level of genetic fitness, such as disease resistance, that the female's offspring will then also inherit.

Yes yes.. of course I'm only talking about basic level attraction. The first encounter kind... the person who gets your visual attention first in a room full of people. I am fully aware that thankfully we humans have evolved and most of us would not be with the long-tail-feather peacock/Brad-Pitt if they had a shit character.

But I have to admit, when I was growing up, I was more tolerant of mistakes and slip ups when I was dating men who were attractive... while the mediocre ones were booted out the door because they sat themselves down at the table before giving me a seat!

ahh... the mystery of attraction....