A Walk In The Park

The Jurong Bird park.

Was there when I was a kid, didn't like it much. Went there today(family outing) , still don't like it much.

Maybe I'm just a sad grouchy old woman who complains about everything. But I really don't see what's so great about our tourist attractions. I think they're all over hyped up and marketed to be something they're really not.

There is a strong possibility though that it really is just me... because the Japanese tourists were getting so excited about the macaws. I mean really excited. And I'm standing behind them wondering what all the fuss is about, it's just a parrot for God's sake! The amount of fuss they were making, you'd think it were an alien species or something.

Macaw Flies through a Hoop

Then it also occurs to me, that I'm lucky to be brought up in Singapore. Cos we pretty much have everything here. Big Ferris wheel along Thames, we're going to get one too. Animals from all round the world, you'd find them at our Zoo. Artificial snow's been done. You get what I mean? So maybe I've already been conditioned to be nonchalant about everything supposedly novel. That's probably why I don't gawk at colourful birds like some others do.

Well anyway, for the easier to please... here's some info for you. Knock yourself out.
Opening hours: 9am-6pm
Admission:$16 for adults and $4 to use the monorail.
You get a 20percent discount if you bring your boarding pass from SQ.

A rather large bird in its enclosure. (I'm not good with names, alright.)

An Ostrich!

Common sense would tell you to dress for the outdoors and wear comfy shoes.

I love the concept of having walk in aviaries. The one at the Jurong Bird Park had a lot of lush greenery and the world's largest man made waterfall. But the birds don't fly around you much. I'm guessing too little birds in too big a space. I suppose they have to consider the birds' well being and not overcrowd the place. But I remember going into a similar aviary in Australia (minus the huge waterfall of course) and the birds are just flying around, so close to you, and the parakeets come up to you, land on your outstretched arms... people feed them.. if you're me, you freak out cos you're afraid if they get too close they'd peck your eyes out. The walk in aviary at Jurong bird park was kind of similar to just walking through the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. The latter is free by the way...

World's Largest MAN MADE waterfall
An Iguana along the path of the walk in aviary

The birds in the aviary stay high up in the trees.

These fowls were friendly
It was nice to spend the day with the family. Only wished Skye didn't have to work today :(