My Very First Gray!

I just noticed a gray hair!
My hair doesn't grow in one solid colour, there are some strands which are light brown. So when I noticed this lighter coloured strand of hair, I thought nothing of it. Then I realised hey.. it was REALLY light. It looked blonde to me.
Then the horror set in... I realised it was a gray hair! I pulled it out, just to be sure.

It wasn't partially black then gradually gray towards the end... it was just pure white. Not even white.. it was free of any pigmentation. No colour at all.


I thought of keeping it to show Skye when he comes back... but it just looked freaky, plus it was a really long strand too.

I hope this was a one off thing. I dread having to dye my hair every month or so... yet so many women (and men) in this world do it. They should invent a jab or something that puts pigment back into the folicles or whatever... so you never go gray.


  1. Anonymous1:05 am

    i got so many alr :( this month more sprang out *horror* --NN


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