Reflections & Resolutions

Alas... the year has zipped by... too fast as usual.

It's that time again to reflect on the year that has gone by.

Summary of Holly Jean's Year 2006
Top 5 things I am thankful for:
5. My father paid off the remaining SG$15K of my study loan... giving me a debt free 2006. I'm building up my savings quite effortlessly now.
4. Surviving the year as a beginning teacher and managing to keep my sanity and happiness in tact.
3. Many First Experiences.
2. Health and happiness of my family ( it has been a much better year for us compared to the last two years because of my sister's accident and its financial burdens, no health scares with any family member this year, and no health scares with my heart... 2006 hasn't been a rose garden all the time, but definitely an easier year with no major hiccups)
1. Skye (The relationship has been extremely testing really. But it has lasted the year, and I have learnt so much about him, and so much about life. If you ask me what's the one thing that I can describe 2006 as being about, it would be him. I know it's not advisable to shape one's life around someone else... but that's what i kinda did. so shoot me.)

Top 5 things I regret:
5. Allowing my dad to go Picasso over my Pink bedroom walls which I loved so much. Now they scare me.
4. Picking up a cigarette socially on numerous occasions even though I have quit a long time ago, and no longer need it.
3. Not having the time for my friends. But honestly... I say this every year. And so do they. We all have our own lives to lead. They no longer live across the street, or go to the same classes, or even live in the same country anymore.
2. putting on a minimum of 5Kgs, and not losing it despite feeble attempts at dieting and exercise (I am disappointed that despite all the excuses I can find for myself... it all really boils down to laziness and a shocking lack of will power. I thought I was better than that.)
1. Having told some damaging lies and hurting people I love & care for.

Resolutions for year 2007 (not in any order of merit)
1. Make a conscious effort to not lie to people I love & care for (no matter how small or trivial I may think it seems)
2. Live healthier, try to go to the gym after work, cut down carbs drastically.
3. Survive another year as a teacher despite being over-worked and walked over.
4. Do more things for myself. I need to make sure I do things that make me Happy ( of course there are some things I cannot change yet especially regarding work. But whenever I can exert choice and make a difference to my life.. I will make decisions to make ME happy)... I owe it to myself.

I'm going to spend this evening digging out my old diaries of my teenage years. I had some of the most wonderful experiences of life. I think I'd quite like to reminisce now.