The Ceremony: Definitely a church Wedding for me. Would love to be showered in glorious warm light through huge stained glass windows. The ideal would be a place like Stolkholm Cathedral... but the only place I know of in Singapore that comes even close to that is St. Andrews'... but the failed marriage of Mark Richmond & Vernetta Lopez (yes, remember them?) has kinda ruined the magic of that place for me.

The Dress: My ideal gown would definitely be strapless, no lace, no see through slut bits and no tacky details. No colour except pure white.. for I am afterall.. a virgin. *ahem*. It will have a train, but not an excessively long one. All put together, it will look much like the pic above. In fact, that one's so good I think I will just rip that design off and take it to the tailors (when the time comes).

My hair will be up of course... nice diamond choker (not over Bling) and a veil. My bouquet will be fine white roses. No compromise on the white roses and dress.

The Groom: I want Skye to be in an all black ensemble... much like this Hugo Boss one, but buttoned up and with a skinny black tie. I'm not for the dress down, rebel kinda look for my groom... not at my perfect wedding, in my perfect church, with me in my perfect gown. Naturally.

My Entourage: I am awfully generous. I'm not going to stick them in a fluffy frock. But they're not going to steal my thunder on my perfect day.... The spag strap shorter version of the dress is for my bridesmaid, the long version is for the maid of honour (matron?? or whatever she's called). Both in the same fabric. My flower girl will wear a white dress with a pink sash made of that same pink fabric.

The Reception: I am undecided. On one hand, I love old classic colonial flavour kinda hotels like THE FULLER TON and RAFFLES. But they are going to cost a lot more than others. I am too practical for that... but then again, I plan to get married only once in my entire life. On the other hand, I want something different... like chartering a whole cruise ship and have my reception on board. Or if I want to go el cheapo, just put up white tentage and call it a beach themed wedding. But then again, the beach theme has been done way too many times... if almost every other wedding nowadays has the sunset in the background & salty taste of sea air on your lips kinda feel.. then I don't want that for mine!

The Cake: CAKE! CAKE! CAKE! I love wedding cakes. Tiered of course. White soft icing, with slight and delicate pink details. That's my ideal cake. I have not see one perfect one yet. they're either too plain, or have ugly details... or are just monstrous! Am tempted to put this on top of it though :


Apologies for such a fluff-filled blog entry. I just had to. And besides... I am after all... Holly Jean.


  1. Anonymous1:03 pm

    How true...lol

    get a tag board!!!

  2. Anonymous3:42 pm

    hey ms Holly . d dress is nice ! ((: two thumbs up ! :D so when will u get married ? hahas . nah jus kidding .


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