BANGKOK (1) : Land of Pink Taxis and Cheap Thrills

OK, this is the first of 3 installments of my Bangkok posts.
Just got back this afternoon. And boy am I glad to be back to the cleanliness, the efficiency, the better-than-Bangkok quality air, the Singlish and the comfort of my Singapore.

Ok so we don't have pink taxis here. But at least (most of) our drivers don't take us on a waste-of-precious-time-merry-go-round trip just to earn that extra 30Baht (sg$1+ only... but u sit in there for an extra 20 mins!)

Don't get me wrong.. I did enjoy my holiday. It was an experience. But I doubt I would go back there, not in the next decade or so. I don't understand why some of my friends make yearly pilgrimages to this Thai city.

You only need to see their beautiful temples, smelly rivers, ruins in Ayutthya, Muay Thai at Lumpinee stadium and thai girl pussy shows once in your life. Any desire for repeats of any of that is questionable. Only good thing people may understandably go back for is the shopping.

Shopping is cheap... if you don't get ripped off and have to pay white price that is. Speaking of White Price, I must say I am so proud of my boyfriend. He's actually quite good at bargaining. Even though he was always quoted White prices (cos he is white, and is a vule too), he almost always managed to talk it down to a deal even I can't get.

Today's post is mainly the shopping. The the next one will be about places of interest like Ayutthya, Grand Palace, etc. And the last post will be about Muay Thai, Patpong, Soi Cowboy, transvestites and the sex industry.

I don't see any point in shopping at proper shopping centers there, when you can get all the international brands here in Singapore anyway, and cheaper even. Contribute to your own economy!

But do check out Chatuchak (aka JJ Market)[See pic on left]. This place is huge... has everything under the sun (both figuratively and literally!). From handicrafts to food to clothes and shoes and even little puppies and snakes! You will need some kind of attack plan (I suggest printing the layout map, you can search for this online), otherwise you will wander around and feel like you're in twilight zone, like we did. Go early in the morning, about 10 am, because once it hits twelve, it is crowded, hot and sweaty and you will have trouble breathing.

Then there's Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Lumpinee. As the name suggests, only open at night. And gorgeous Ferris wheel too, this place is cooler and more comfortable but with slightly higher prices compared to Chatuckak.

At Pratunam, there's Pratunam Market (only open until about 4 pm)and Platinum Mall (most shops close by 8pm here), both directly across the road from each other. You can get your jeans, jappy clothes, accessories and t-shirts there. Prices are GOOD but you should still try to bargain. They will give you a wholesale price if you buy 3 pieces or more. You can also find similar stuff at MaBoonKrong (MBK) which is popular among tourists... i saw many Singaporeans there, especially at Inzeen shoes on the third floor. Small world. The 2nd Floor of MBK is supposed to be linked to Plaza 29, which is a great place to do your manicure but quite honestly, after about 4 hours at MBK, we were too tired to carry on.

The Loot
Here are pics and descriptions of most of the stuff we bought. With approx prices in Baht (exchange rate was S$1 to 23.4Baht, so you do your own math). Word of advice to anyone planning to go there... if you like it, and the price is ok, BUY IT. Or else, like me, you will regret it.

Tees for my bro

Skye's tees

T-shirts are abundant there. T-shirts are about 100 to 250bahts... if they ask you more more than that, either you're white and you're being fleeced, or you look like a sucker.

Skye's Diesel jeans [modeled by the legend himself]

Ethnic looking skirt (one for Skye's mom and one for his sister) [modeled by me]
Skye's red coral necklace for his mom (rather exp. this piece, but it is beautiful)
Naraya pink quilt bag (which I regret not getting MORE), and some stuff from Boots
My fake lacoste singlet (150bahts), and ethnic skirt, and necklace.
I only bought Two pairs of shoes! Oh the Horror! Black stilettos and polka dotted one with cute bows.
Virginal White dress and yellow tube dress, they were a steal at 150bahts each! The cute red and white top was 100bahts only.
Matching Abercrombie caps for Skye & I.
My overalls!!! yay!!!
Ponds Miracle powder 45Bahts from Watsons. Must have RedBull singlet. A very cute white with pink polka dots dress.
Do bear in mind girls that sizes run smaller than in Singapore. So always try to put them on over your clothes or something. Even guys t-shirts are quite narrow.
Ok that's all. Not shown are the buddha statues Skye bought and huge ugly pink wrap pants which I had to buy in order to get into some temple/palace (cos I was wearing shorts).
... to be cond't


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