It's 2 am. Don't expect too much from this one.

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I'm not just making excuses for myself.. I really had a lot of crap to do at work.

In case you don't know what HIATUS means. Let's learn a new word today. (Such a teacher... I kick myself sometimes). Pronounced:[hahy-ey-tuhs] and it means: a break.

I've jumped on the MySpace bandwagon. Oh, the shame... I've been withholding for so long, turning a blind eye to the many invites from friends. I used to think- what do I need MySpace for? I already have Friendster to pool all my friends and acquaintances. Having MySpace as well seemed juvenile to me. Like a popularity contest, a desperate cry for attention. But I retract all that now. MySpace is Cool Beans. Thumbs up. Check my <<MySpace >>page out.

For those of you who have popped by repeatedly and kept seeing the same post. SORRY. I know how annoying it must be... when you're trying to look busy at work and you come to A thing (or two) expecting to be entertained but realise that Holly Jean has been a lazy vule.

I'm making it up to you by putting up a slide show of my photos so you will always have me to look at. Present. No need to thank me.

yes, I'm only kidding!


  1. No need to kid as it's great to be able to look at you :-)
    I went to your Myspace and invited you a friend :-)
    Hope to see you soon on Myspcae, I know what you mean about getting hooked :-)
    Thanks for your comments on My Blog


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